Steve Varonka, Photographer
Harold Ackerman, Photographer
Genevieve Dorang, Multi Media Artist
Linda Densberger, Painter
Larry Ney II, Painter
Doug Brubaker, Photographer
Richard Lilley, Oil Painting
Gale Fox, Painter
Connie Bilardi, Photographer
Marcia Gladsky Esquibel, Painter, Poet, Photographer
Julia Doucette, Painter/Sculptor
Lynne Flocchi, Painter/Graphic Designer
Bill Whitmoyer, Painter
Til Chapman, Fused Glass and Oil Painting
Bob McCormick, Painter
Robert Doucette, Photographer
Robert Brown, Photographer
Juliet Doucette, Painter
Chet Davis, Painter
Nicole Polanichka, Painter
Glen Klein, Graphic Artist
Mark Golomb, Painter / Sculptor

North Mountain Art League is a non-profit organization for artists, either professional or non-professional, age eighteen and older who are working in the visual fine arts including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, graphics, ceramics and crafts of a fine arts nature.

We also offer a sponsor membership for those who enjoy being involved with the arts and wish to help promote the League and art in this area, and to be informed of events through League updates, newsletters, and website.

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